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On behalf of the members of the Millburn-Short Hills Chamber of Commerce, welcome to our website. We invite you to join a vibrant force that is front and center in representing the township’s business community. As a member, you can tap the resources of an active and involved group of business people. Start here – but don’t stop here. Go through the pages that follow and see the activity, the sharing of resources and the mutual support for what it is, an opportunity for you.

Something more than you expect – Even with the wide variety of professional organizations and social media outlets available – business, so often, is local. One person reaching out to another, with each side benefiting from the interaction. Developing real relationships with peers that represent diverse retail, professional, artistic, and industrial markets. Connections that can span across the street and across the state.


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Some of the areas most anticipated events such as the Annual 5K Race, and seasonal Streets Fairs, are presented by the MSH Chamber of Commerce. Reference our calendar for up to date information.

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